An American Pickle

An American Pickle

Directed by Brandon Trost

(2020, Point Grey Pictures/Gravitational Productions/Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) (in association with)/Warner Bros. Pictures/Warner Max)

HBO Max’s first big movie, “An American Pickle” starring Seth Rogan is as humorous as it is touching.

The story of Herschel Greenbaum, who is a worker in a pickle factory it the late 1800’s, who gets transported to modern day New York City by falling into the brine and is preserved for 100 years.

He then meets his only living relative, Ben, also played by Seth Rogan, who is the same age as Herschel, who shows him around the modern world as he pursues his own career in web development.

The movie has a lot of sweet moments delving into the meaning of family and what it means to honor those family members who have come before us.

There are some outright moments of ridiculousness which take away from an otherwise great story but they are forgiven as it can be seen as interjecting some levity into some very deep moments especially since it’s billed as a comedy.

All in all, a very good story and one that I would watch again.


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