Directed by Vanessa Gazy

(2022, Endemol Shine Australia/Netflix)

Who’s who in this whodunnit mystery on Netflix?

Michelle Monaghan just plays twins, Leni and Gina who have taken care of and been a part of (understatement) each other since they were children.

Now that they are grown adults they try to keep this pact they made as youngsters to do just that but when one twin goes missing, it sets off a litany of twists and turns that begin to unravel the two lives of the twins going back decades.

Michelle Monaghan gives an outrageously incredible performances as the twins and I was pleasantly surprised by Karen Robinson of Schitt’s Creek fame soaring with her acting chops here as the Sheriff.

Once you get used to the back and forth nature of the characters and the plot, it is a rich tapestry of storytelling that I highly recommend.


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