Emily the Criminal

Emily the Criminal

Directed by John Patton Ford

(2022, Low Spark Films)

It’s an Aubrey Plaza year – what with The White Lotus, Season 2 shooting to number one on HBO Max, and this, Emily the Criminal that she produced and starred in becoming the number one movie of Netflix.

I am here to tell you both are well deserved.

Emily the Criminal follows a character named, well, Emily, as she struggles to make ends meet, pay off student loans, and just tries achingly to get a solid footing in life.

It seems that every time she takes a step forward, she is pushed two steps back. When a co-worker in the food delivery service hands her a phone number to call to make some fast cash, she calls it, which lands her in a random warehouse of credit card scammers.

When she finds this out and the scam artists announce that what these folks that showed up would be doing is illegal, she leaves, but she just can never stop thinking about it, so she makes the call…again.

Aubrey Plaza delivers what well may be the best performance of her career, emoting just the right tone in each scene and portraying the human struggle to succeed even if one must blur those lines to achieve it.

Ups, downs, mayhem, mystery, murder? It’s all here. Be sure to check out this gem.


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