A Christmas Story Christmas

A Christmas Story Christmas

Directed by Clay Katis

(2022, Warner Bros./Legendary Entertainment/Wild West Picture Show Productions/Toberoff ProductionsRotten Eggs Productions)

It’s been almost 40 years since Ralphie and the Hohman, Indiana gang have been on the screen albeit now on a streaming service (HBO Max). Something none of us in 1983 could have imagined.

Except for Ralphie, it’s now 1973 and he’s living in Chicago with his wife and two young children while attempting to become a published writer.

Ralphie and his family return to his hometown for Christmas where he meets up with his old pals Flick and Schwartz while his kids battle the next generation of the Farkus neighborhood bullies.

What could have been a schmaltzy, cheap cash-in on nostalgia, is actually a really sweet and endearing story hitting all the right emotional points, humor, and plenty of Easter eggs for fans of the original film.

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Ed Wood

Ed Wood

Directed by Tim Burton

(1994, Touchstone Pictures)

The story of infamously “bad” movie director, Ed Wood, Johnny Depp is excellent as the title character leading a truly stellar cast.

Martin Landeau plays a washed up Bella Lugosi, a role that earned him a best supporting actor Oscar. Sarah Jessica Parker plays Ed’s girlfriend with Bill Murray taking on the role of Bunny.

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